Wine Hater Be Gone! My Wine (mis)Education

I have spent the last decade and a half avoiding wine. I hated the taste of wine, was disgusted by the smell of it and was generally put off by wine enthusiasts. Wine adventurer I was not, at least until now.  A promotion has been offered to me, but a big part of my new job is dealing with the dreaded wine drinkers. I do not want to sound uneducated, or even worse, like a beer drinker, so I am throwing down the gauntlet – I am going to taste everything I can afford and  make Wine Spectator my Bible, blogging about my wine adventures as I go. 

These are the wines I have to wrap my mind, and palate around.

Up first – Riesling.  Figured I would start with my favorite. Wish me luck! This could get ugly – in more ways than one – I am a light weight! If you are a wine enthusiast or a newbie explorer like me, please share your knowledge. I need it!


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