I is for Inspiration

In our busy lives, sometimes we need a little kick in the booty, a little inspiration, to make real, meaningful changes in our lives. And sometimes, we find it in the most random places.

Every morning a man named Rand comes into my shop and buys a cup of coffee from me. Now I am a chatty chick, therefore I discuss my workout regimen with anyone with a heartbeat, so Rand was subjected to my cycling stories almost daily.  I complained about the cold weather, the idiot drivers who don’t share the road, blah, blah, blah.  One day he decided to share with me. He told me he was a runner.  As the weeks unfolded, I came to discover that Rand had been running 3 miles a day, every morning, outdoors, for 40+ years. We live in Maine.  He runs in rain, snow, sleet, the works.  Insane but awesome and amazing.  He is somwhere in his early 70’s (I think), still works, is as sharp as a tack, and fit as a fiddle.  He inspires me to lace up the running shoes and hit the pavement because I know Rand is running too.


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