Bands on the Run

I was terrified standing at the start line. Butterflies in my stomach, shaking legs, numb feet. I was a wreck.  The race started and all my fears and issues disappeared as I started to move.  I pressed play on my iPod and slipped into my groove as I started the course.

Today I ran my first 5k where I wasn’t running solely as a companion for one of my kids. This one was just for me, I had been training, and I expected some decent results.  I spent hours sorting through all the local races, looking for a run that would be fun and fit in my insane schedule. I decided a road trip to Lewiston for the Bands on the Run 5k was exactly what I needed. I am a huge fan of music and this race offered live bands along the race route. Perfect!


Leading up to the race, I set a goal of running a sub 31 minute 5k. I thought it was realistic until I saw the course! I never looked at the race profile before I started running and almost died when I started going uphill!  I was shocked when the clock came into view at the finish line and I realized I clocked a 29 minute 5k!


I am still on cloud 9 tonight as I reflect on a great day, think about my upcoming races and set some goals for my summer.  Today was definitly a turning point in my fitness life.  I used to dream of competing again, now I do.



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