Working My Ass Off

Working is getting in the way of my fitness life and it sucks. I am used to a pretty flexible, laid back kind of schedule – Saturdays off, work done by 2 pm, 3 days off a week, etc. Lots of time to be a mom AND workout. I had a great schedule and I barely realized it, until now.

I have recently taken on the biggest professional challenge of my 30’s and I am struggling to make my old life fit around my new, demanding job. I am working crazy hours, doing extra work at home, and can’t always get to my gym. I live in Maine – 24 hour gyms (or even gyms that stay open past 9 pm) have not made it this close to the Canadian border! I have worked my ass off to, well, work my ass off, and I am determined to keep the weight down and the fitness level up. 

I am being forced to step off the treadmill and onto the roads and I am loving it. I am even running at night! I alter my routes so I can stay on well lit, busier roads and I run without my ear buds just to be safe. The quiet streets, just the sounds of my breathing and the beating of my running shoes hitting the pavement, clears my mind and wipes away the stress. Running has become such an integral part of my life that I refuse to imagine a day where I can’t squeeze in a couple of miles! It is good for my body, my mind and my soul.

What adjustments have you made to your hectic lives to accomodate your endorphin addiction?

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