Miss Olivia

Nine years ago today, I woke a little after midnight with an upset stomach and cramping that was coming in waves. So I got up, took a shower, cleaned my house, packed my bags, and walked the dogs. I woke my husband and told him to call the hospital. We were having a baby! Nine years ago today, Olivia was born.


Olivia is my sunshine. She, in many ways, is a lot like me. She loves to run, bike and swim. She runs 5ks, does kids trithlons and is always ready for a hike or a trip out for Starbucks. But unlike me, Olivia is patient and kind. She is wonderful with small children and loves to draw. She is the girliest of girls, but can kick any boys booty in a race. The proudest moment of my life came from watching Olivia run like a gazelle – I had no clue that she was such a great runner, and even better, she enjoys it. She loves her brother unconditionally, walks the dogs endlessly and brings smiles to my heart constantly.

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