Temp Check on 2012

Where did 2012 go? It is half over already! I made a list of goals on New Years Eve, things I wanted to work on, ways to improve my life in the new year. I felt the goals were achievable but I had no clue that 2012 would be the most transformative of my 37 years.

I have always been a competitive, fit person. Swimming, biking, soccer and running have been a part of my life since I learned to walk, swim and ride as a child.  But as I became a mom, and a working one at that, it became easier to skip the workout and say no to the impromptu soccer game in favor of cooking, laundry and just chillin’ and relaxing. In 2012, I wanted to join a gym and start competiting again.  I wanted to set a good example for my kids, but even more, I wanted to do it for myself. 

So it is July and not only did I join a gym, but I have rediscovered my love of fitness and it has changed my life.  I was swimming and biking a ton, until my kids twisted my arm into running a 5k.  The rest is history.  I am running approximately 20  miles a week, competing in 5k’s and loving every minute of it. More importantly, I am running with my kids. We go out and run at least a mile together 3 or 4 days a week.  And they are loving it!


I am setting some new goals for the second half of 2012….. Run a 10k,  attempt the dreaded practice of yoga and become a certified soccer coach. AND KEEP ON RUNNING! 

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