Lil Runner Girl

“If you feel like you can go, then run. I will see you at the finish line.  Good luck! ” And with that, Olivia was off, flying.  Olivia hadn’t been training, beyond an occasional quarter to half mile jog a couple times a week. To be honest, I really thought Olivia was going to struggle a bit in this 5K, learn the valuable lesson of working hard towards a goal. Not exactly what happened…


The route for the Drake’s Island 5K was along the beach and  pretty flat for the first 2 miles, with two out and back points, then it went into a neighborhood, got a bit undulating and finished up a little hill.  Olivia took off like a rocket, far faster than I wanted to start, so I watched her run off and settled into my own pace.  I saw her at the two out and back points when we passed each other and I was expecting her to look fatigued. I run 20+ miles a week and was DYING!!  I was shocked when I came up a hill and saw the finish line and clock that said 26:06. It was my PR by almost 3 and a half minutes!

My little runner girl was waiting for me to cross the finish line, pink cheeks, water bottle in hand. She had finished in 24:53!!  She had the fastest time of any kid under 13, boys and girls included.  She may not have learned the lesson that you need to work to get results but she has again been bitten by the running bug and is looking forward to an upcoming 5K and kid’s tri! I hope she trains!

I enjoyed every second of it, doing something I love with someone I adore. Up next is the Thunder Chicken 5k in Portsmouth, NH! #Run



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