DIY, Oh My

Wow. I haven’t posted on here in a long time! I’ve been busy. Tons of the usual – running, biking, coaching, playing soccer, being a mom and professional foodie. I am also wearing a new hat – and this one is a hard hat, literally. I am a DIY home renovator, on a shoestring. We are renovating our house, one room at a time. And it sucks!  My grandparents, bless their little hearts, made some unfortunate design choices, most of which my parents never had the time or energy to correct.  Who thought it was a good idea to paint wood floors black?  Oiy! We have knocked down two walls, ripped up old carpets, put on a new roof, refinished old wood floors, and single handedly kept Sherwin Williams afloat.They know me by my first name at Lowe’s, for real. Here’s why:
Living Room – Before
Living Room – During


As you can see, my living room is done. There USED to be a hallway there! After the walls were removed (a scary DIY job done by my husband and his very adventurous mom), we had a much more open, light first floor. I was tempted to use a neutral pallet and I stressed over the color for 5 months. Anyone who knows me will tell you neutral does not suit my personality. I finally painted the walls Distance, a dark blue shade from Sherwin Williams. I also went a little crazy and painted the treads on my staircase plum. I think it is fun and perfect for my family. My husband is on the fence….

Now we move on…. Dining room is up next!


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